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I am surrounded by pregnant friends lately; I just hosted a baby shower this weekend for my former assistant (remember Bag Snob Allison?), my attorney is pregnant, I have a friend due this Thursday and Kelly’s sister just had a baby. So even though my own son is 5 years old, I am constantly on the look out for chic totes that can pull double duty as diaper/baby bags as well. I came across Tory Burch’s Bijou tote the other day and instantly thought, now why didn’t I have that when my son was still a baby? It’s a stylish tote with just a touch of chain detail and great extras like the side pockets that are perfect for , yup you guessed it– bottles! No more spillage inside your bag! It also looks Chanel-y (without the price tag) but has a casual chic-ness that is distinctly Tory Burch. And when your babe grows out of bottles and nappies, it will hold your sunglasses prada replica , iPhone and the Flip camera you’ll want to keep handy to capture moments. TORY BURCH BIJOU TOTE comes in a navy snake print leather ($565) which looks very luxe but it’s the cognac Cognac leather BIJOU TOTE ($495) that I love! What do you think of Tory’s bags of late? I say total Snob!

Yeah what’s up with everyone being pregnant anyway?

For me no baby bags just jet but the bags are beautyful anyway to go out shopping with or take to the beach.

See too mutch stuff I want already again.

Hi Snobs!

I hope you will please give me your opinion on these two from Mulberry!! 🙂

I need a new black bag for everyday use, and also a light one for spring time.. I just don’t want white 🙂

Thanks so much in advance, your advice is highly appreciated 🙂

Hi Janne,

I like the black drew tote! It’s casual and stylish. Go for it! xo tina

Not loving it. It’s just okay. I wouldn’t spend my money on that particular bag.

I like the bag – and the price point – but the straps don’t look long enough for me to carry it on my shoulder and for a bag like this, I need to be able to carry it hands-free.

Tory Burch Bijou Tote

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